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BP-WR Wheat Bar Emergency Food

Notration, Beredskapsproviant, Nødration, ration de secours, razioni di sopravvienza, Nödproviant, Avustuspaketti, Noodrantsoen, racion de emergancia.

Ingredients: Wheat flour (49%), vegetable oils (palm and rapseed), dextrose, oat flakes, sugar, malted barley, glucose syrup, milk protein, potassium chloride, stabilizer (E451i), anti-caking agent (E341iii) and antioxidants (304 and E306).

Nutrition 100g
energy 2037 kj 486 kcal
fat 22,8g
carbohydrates 60,9g
protein 8g
salt 0,2g

Katadyn Deutschland GmbH, Hessenring 23, DE-64546 Mörfeldn-Walldorf.
www.trekneat.com www.foodforemergency
tel: +49 (0)6105-456789, Fax +49 (0)6105-45877

Manufactured By GC Rieber Compact, Norway.
livelifeluv : Omg I can smell it all over here!! Been looking for these since many years!! Please tell me where I can buy/order these energy bars? I live in The Netherlands
Ali Sultani : These biscuits are unbelievable delicious. Nothing tests like it.
Ekramudin Ahmadi : Can you order that in Germany
Melly menes : Recepies please
summer khan : How to make these type of biscuits at home why there is no video on YouTube making of these biscuits

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Vijaya Murthi : Where is it available in India ?
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