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The ULS System - Ultra Light Scandi

The ULS Ultra Light Scandi system is nothing short of revolution. It offers a solution to target large predatory fish with light gear, much in the same way we fish for salmon and sea trout with heavier equipment. Based on our 3D+ density concept they bring a totally new depth control into sub surface fishing with lighter rods. They are designed to turn over all kinds of large and bulky streamers and nymphs as well as dries with ease.

ULS is a complete system to fit every angler and fishing situation in small to medium sized rivers and consists of the following six main product categories:

ULS Hybrid rods are tailor-made to fit our range of ULS lines and that ultra-light style of fishing with shorter shooting heads that have proven itself to be so easy to handle and effective. Link to website - https://www.guidelineflyfish.com/products/rods/switch/uls-hybrid/uls-hybrid-switch-104540-p0000103541

ULS 3D+ is short and manageable shooting heads based around our salmon versions of the same lines, but in lighter weights fitting rods from #5 and up. Link to website - https://www.guidelineflyfish.com/products/flylines/shootingheads/guideline-skjutklumpar/uls-3d-ultra-light-scandi-102865-p0000066297

The ULS Multi Tip is a very versatile shooting head with a floating body and exchangeable tips in different densities and comes with three different tips in a handy mesh wallet. Link to website - https://www.guidelineflyfish.com/products/flylines/multitip/guideline-multi-tip-set/uls-multi-tip-float-ultra-light-scandi-102893-p0000066941

ULS WF Multi Tip is a weight forward fly line in our Ultra Light Scandi concept. It's a perfect choice when you fish the fly all the way in and don’t want a loop connection disturbing the retrieve. Link to website - https://www.guidelineflyfish.com/products/flylines/wflines/uls-multi-tip-wf/uls-multi-tip-wf-105298-p0000116576

ULS Tips are additional densities for our ULS Multi Tip lines. Available in five versions - Float, H/S1, S2/3, S4/5, S6/7. Link to website - https://www.guidelineflyfish.com/products/flylines/multitip/guideline-spetsar/uls-tips-102870-p0000066412

Finally, the ULS Floating Shooting line is a coated 20lbs shooting line that has been especially designed for use with our ULS line system. Link to website - https://www.guidelineflyfish.com/products/flylines/shootinglines-backing/skjutlinor-coating/uls-floating-shooting-line-20lbs-104631-p0000104573

More links to Guideline web pages:

Guideline blog - https://guideline.blog
Guideline Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/guidelineflyfish
Guideline FaceBook - https://www.facebook.com/Guidelineflyfish

From Indian Lakes - ULS (Official Video)

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Directed/DP/Editor: Guy Samuelson


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Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2z0DYoD

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Fromindianlakes

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Music video by From Indian Lakes performing ULS. (C) 2019
From Indian Lakes : Hi! Really excited about this one. One of my favorites, lots more to come soon. Like and follow, love you lots!
Evita : From Indian Lakes saved my soul. Love this band.
Kasper Orion : Not that i expected anything less but this shit really slaps
wyver 5 : I have been dreaming for this song to be released since i first heard the chorus from the video he posted on instagram. LOVE IT
dirtynoodlesoup : Ugh I dont have one song from these guys that I can say isn't a straight banger. So immersive and fluid

The dreams of ULS - Salmonfishing in Mid-Norway




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